Specialist Tree Services

The Hedgehog Tree Services offer a full range of services including pruning, felling and crown reduction. Fully qualified in Tree Rigging and climbing we are able to work in situations where simple felling isn’t an option.

We have experience in all major areas of tree surgery and guarantee customer satisfaction.

We specialise in dismantling/reducing trees that are in difficult or confined spaces or with limited access, or trees that over hang properties, fences, greenhouses, roads or other obstacles and cannot simply be felled.

We are a company able to take  on any tree related opperation including dismantling trees over roads to trimming shrubs and hedges,

We are just as happy to work with Private individuals, Large and Small Corporations, Estate Agents, Estates or Woodland Managers and we offer the same 1st class service to those providing an hours work or a weeks worth.

We pride ourselves on leaving every customer statisfied with our work rate professionalism and tidiness. Brash is usually removed from site and generally all larger wood is also removed unless a request is made to keep it. Written quotes along with insurance certificates provided to every customer.

Services include but not restricted to:

  1. BulletSpecialist work on trees overhanging
    sheds, cables or properties

  2. city and guilds logoFelling / tree removal

  3. logoPrecision dismantling

  4. tree riggingCrown reduction

  5. Pruning

  6. Tree bracing

  7. Stump grinding and removal

  8. Crown raising

t 07846 423057

lowering felled branch safely
tree rigging

Chainsaw qualified:  CS30/31/32/33/34

Climbing qualified:    CS38/39/40/41

Based in Gloucestershire we cover all areas of the South West. We are happy to give you a no obligation quotation on any job large or small. Please call Matt on 07846 423057
or click here to send us an email
with your enquiry


“We believe we can remove any tree from any location; through houses or garages if no access to back garden is available, without causing any damage.

Where there may not be room to fell to tree at ground level we can climb the tree and dismantle it piece by piece.

Where a drop zone is not available we can use a technique called rigging to safely lower each piece to the ground and place the section exactly where we feel it is safe to do so.

Telephone line avoidance a speciality.
If trees are overhanging roads or the only place to set up is on the road permission to use the road can be sought from council highways departments and the traffic management systems can all be arranged.
We can also assist to fill in the appropriate forms to apply to do work to trees in conservation areas or trees with preservation orders on them.”